Friday, January 30, 2015

Velveteen // 'Mess' Review

Hey, I'm ... Velveteen Jones.

I am a musician because ... I spent so much time doing other things that were a bit more stable and was quite terrible at them all.
I love my new demo song because ... it is a sound I have been aiming for and [is] produced by a favourite artist of mine.
My favourite thing about music is ... goosepimples.
I am inspired by ... dark times, watching couples argue [and] also obscure fantasy books strangely enough!
I'd describe myself as ... odd.
My favourite time of day to sing is ... bed time. Ever since I could talk I would sing myself to sleep.
I could spend the rest of my life ... eating burritos.
I'm taking my music back overseas because ... I want to draw inspiration from unknown places.
My goal in 2015 is ... to be grateful.
I'm most thankful for ... him.
You should listen to my music because ... it could give you super powers. (It probably won't.)
One last note ... you only have one chance to do life your way, so don't waste time doing someone elses' idea of it. 

The song might be called Mess but the music most certainly isn't. This perfectly timed, well executed masterpiece is the debut demo single from Perth artist Velveteen Jones (real name Keira Ephraims). The overall vibe - a crossover falling somewhere near electro, fairly close to indie and not too far afield from pop - is the magic that you hope for in an artist. You'll definitely remember this one.