Friday, February 13, 2015

REVIEWS: Anna O // NYUON // Andrew Swift

Symphony - Anna O

{Music Video Review}

Mainly filmed in Dead End Street, East Perth, Anna O's follow up music video to her breathtaking single, Symphony. Hauntingly simple, a constant stream of close-up head shots, the cinematography is hair-raising. I personally really dislike when the music video adds an excessive amount of extra time to a song - I really just want to listen to the music - but this video is the perfect accompaniment. Complimentary to the song rather than overshadowing it is a skill, and Anna O has found the balance. 

Read my interview with Anna:HERE

Watch the video:

Your City - NYUON {Song Review}

Someone once told me that they thought I'd listen to classical music, but it's hip-hop that I really love. [Among some others of course.] There's just something about old school, 90s hip-hop music that I can't listen to enough. Of course, like anything, it has to be done well. And man, does NYUON get it right with his debut single Your City. So very, very right. Basically taking on the persona of his city (Melbourne) this anthem-through-spitting-lyrics is one I've had on repeat lately. If music is an art form then Your City is definitely a masterpiece. 


Sound The Alarm - Andrew Swift

{Song Review}

You know those songs that make you just think 'yep, I could absolutely listen to this all day'? Like your life is so much better because you get to listen to it? Well okay maybe it's just me, but that's exactly how I felt listening to Andrew Swift's Sound The Alarm for the first time. And the second. And the third. And the twentieth, too. Swift's voice and songwriting are so heavenly that I got a bit carried away with the replay button. This ballad to an ex-lover is the most beautiful goodbye I have ever heard.
Watch the video: