Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Flywheel || Erin Gough

Title: The Flywheel
Author: Erin Gough
Released: February 2015
Source: Hardie Grant Publishers (Review Copy)

Seventeen-year-old Delilah's crazy life is about to get crazier. Ever since her father took off overseas, she's been struggling to run the family's cafe without him and survive high school.

But after a misjudged crush on one of the cool girls, Del has become the school punchline. With all that's on her plate, she barely has time for her favourite distraction - spying on the beautiful Rosa, who dances flamenco at the tapas bar across the road.

All this leaves Del grappling with some seriously curly questions. Is it okay to break the law to help a friend? How can a girl tell another girl she likes her without it ending in humiliation and heartbreak? And - the big one - is it ever truly possible to dance in public without falling over? 

I was extremely excited to receive this book and it definitely didn't disappoint. I read and fell in love with the previous book published from the Ampersand Project and Erin Gough's The Flywheel is a deserving winner, too.

I emphasized with the main character of Del right from the start. She had a lot to deal with but she managed to keep it relatively together, which I admired. Although I did get frustrated with her as the book went on; she wasn't always the most understanding person when it came to how the other characters were feeling. I don't want to give any spoilers, but there is a happy ending so I was really glad I kept rooting for Del.

Charlie, Del's best friend, is a firecracker. He was such a surprising person, nothing he did I had expected. He was a great support throughout the entire book, Delilah acted fairly independent but she relied heavily on Charlie. I wouldn't have liked the book nearly as much without Charlie.

Delilah's relationship with the elusive Rosa was a major part of the book and it was the element I adored the most. It's very rare to find a book that can accurately depict a new and emerging relationship, scars and holes and mistrust included. I was cheering for the both of them right from the start until the very conclusion.

The Flywheel is a book I could read and read and read. I put it down many times simply because I wasn't ready for it to end. Do yourself a favour, read this book.