Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welcome to Brooklyn

Let's be honest, no matter how bad you are at it, dancing is always fun. And what better to compliment your I'm-sure-are-amazing moves than someone as talented as DJ Brooklyn?

Hailing from Queensland and calling residency at leading dancespot Platinum Nightclub, this bubbly blonde is all cool, all music and all ready for success and big lights.

As well as supporting massive national and international acts, she has been aired Australia wide on NovaFM and played in every major party spot the land down under owns.

She may go by the title of 'DJ' but this creative and music mastermind is already dreaming of universal success.

The bigger the party the better.

Mahalia: How did you start in this industry?
Brooklyn: I entered the 2013 Your Shot competition which is a nationwide search for newcomer DJs looking to make it in the industry. I was lucky enough to make it as one of Queensland's 20 wildcard entrants out of hundreds of applicants. I got to perform at Birdees Nightclub in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley in front of hundreds of people including a judging panel. I didn't win the competition, however I was head hunted by my now manager, Joey Lamattina, who sent talent scouts to the competition. Not long after the competition he contacted me and arranged a meeting and since then I haven't looked back.

M: What is it about being a DJ that attracts you?
B: Initially, back in 2008, I was at a Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga concert at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre with my two sisters and Havana Brown came on as the support act. I was watching her in complete awe and I turned to my sisters and said that is what I should be doing.

M: How would you describe the music you make?
B: My sound at the moment would be bounce and big room. I also love to play vocal tracks; you can often catch me singing along to them in the booth.

M: So far which has been your favourite gig and why?
B: I'd have to say the gig I did in May in Penang, Malaysia. I was lucky enough to be able to play in front of over 2000 people at the H-Artisty Globe Art Of Mixing event. It was a super clubbing experience with a massive stage, dancers and [an] amazing light show. I felt very loved and welcomed over there.

M: I know my parents aren't so keen (read: not at all) when I play any type of dance/electro music! Do you share your stuff with your own family?
B: Surprisingly I have caught my mum listening to my mixes haha. I wouldn't say they LOVE dance/electro music but they haven't really given it much of a chance. They are more into 80's rock.

M: Describe your dream show?
B: I think most DJs would agree that playing on the main stage at Tomorrowland would be the ultimate dream.

M: Whose music do you enjoy that you think might surprise people?
B: Other than dance music I really enjoy my RnB/HipHop because it's fun and easy to dance to.

M: If you weren't living your DJ-ing dream, what would you hope you were doing?
B: Hard to think of doing anything else, but possibly running my own dance school. Other than music, dancing was another outlet/passion for me.

M: Do you go to many shows yourself? Who do you watch?
B: I'm lucky being a resident at Platinum Nightclub here on the Gold Coast, I get the chance to support and see many amazing national and international acts. Other than that I am usually booked every weekend so I don't get much of a chance to see anyone else.

M: Do you listen to music and think "I could remix this?!" or do you wait until you want to work on something? What's the process like?
B: I sometimes hear an old track that I use to love and think I'd love to make it more current and add it to my sets. Otherwise I just listen to tracks that are currently popular and make them my own by tweaking it, whatever works for my set and the crowd I'm playing to.

M: If you could give your teenage-self advice, what would you say?
B: For so long I never had the confidence to chase my dreams so I'd say to her - You need believe in yourself more and to trust the timing of your life.

For more B R O O K L Y N head to her facebook page :: https://www.facebook.com/DjBrooklynOfficial