Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lauren Glezer

With the stereotype 'all girls love shoes' firmly in place, Melbourne musician Lauren Glezer is definitely going against the grain. Her barefoot performances though, are not the only reason to give this gifted artist a listen.

A singer who performs it like she is, there is no such thing as stage persona when Lauren's around. What you see on stage, is what you'll get off it. Which is a refreshing and much needed trait in the music industry.

Her EP Searching For Tall (available from September 19th) is a positive burst of raw vocals and outstanding music. You mightn't have heard of her yet, but Lauren Glezer is out to prove that from little things, big things grow

Mahalia: Your EP Searching For Tall has been two years in the making, what was the process for it to all come together?
Lauren: A lengthy one! It involved writing the songs, selecting which songs I wanted to represent me in the world and how I was going to go about producing them. Once I had that all done, I had to figure out my best way in to the music industry. I'll let you know when I figure that one out!

 M: This Living has a really powerful message, why is this song important to you?
L: Thank you. It's important to me because I believe that in this society we work too hard and forget our hearts sometimes. We work to forget our feelings, we work to give our lives meaning, we work because that's what we're told we should do. I wrote this song in hope of inspiring people to consider whether they are living their truths. We all come baring unique gifts and talents and it's never too late to start using them!

M: Did you write all the music for Searching For Tall by yourself or with assistance?
L: I wrote the music and lyrics for all the tracks. I had a few incredible musicians colour the tracks with their amazing instrumental abilities.

M: Can you tell us a little about the 'no shoes while performing' that you've got going on? Have you always performed shoeless?
L: Sure! I haven't always performed shoeless...But recently I have discovered that I hate performing with shoes. I feel off balance and like I can't sense the floor beneath me. I feel it's very important to feel balanced when you sing!

M: If you could take your music to any part of the world, where would it be and why?
L: I love this question. I would take it to eastern countries. This way I could explore their culture and sing my songs. That's pretty much everything I love to do in the one experience.

M: What do you daydream about?
L: Chocolate. No jokes. Is that bad? Sad? Also flowers and natural beauty. Oh and playing music to people that are truly nourished by my songs.

M: As a child who was your music idol?
L: As a child, Alanis all the way!

M: Who is it now?
L: Alanis all the way. No...umm oh so many. I meet people every day in the Melbourne Music scene that are my idols. But outside of that, I'd have to say Bon Iver.

While you're here why not listen to Lauren's amazing single, This Living?