Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hamish Anderson

They say when one door closes another opens, and the, albeit overused, saying is definitely working in Hamish Anderson's favour. Although his tour gig as BB King's opening act has been cancelled, his supportive tweets around the incident have been pulled for sites such as USA Today and Variety.

And, to follow the trend of cliches, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Although a Melbourne local, he has called the US home for most of 2014. Hard work and a good helping of talent has also landed Anderson on Indie Shuffle, which promotes itself as finding anything worth listening to on the music website SoundCloud. Needless to say, Anderson is well worth the listen.

Having just released his Restless EP and about to tour both Australia and part of the States, the future is incredibly bright for this blues-playing 23-year-old.

Mahalia: What was the biggest culture shock when you came back to Australia from the US?
Hamish: It's funny how when you spend time abroad you start to realise the similarities more so than the differences. Everywhere I go I find people and places that make me feel like I've been there before and it all feels familiar. I am really enjoying how the blues translates and transcends cultures.

M: Tell us about your new single, Burn and its Aussie video clip.
H: It was recorded live on the floor at Henson Studios in Los Angeles. Real bluesy, rock song that starts out really big with a riff that carries throughout. The video really captures the experience and the vibes in the studio that day. It was a pretty epic time for me.

M: If I could only listen to one song off your Restless EP, which would you recommend? Why?
H: Burn. Definitely. I chose it for the single and it's the first song on the EP because I felt it was a good indication of what's to come.

M: Have you ever been star-struck by the amazing musicians you've worked with?
H: Not star-struck, more honoured to work with them.

M: What are you most excited for, leading into 2015?
H: 2015 is all about new recordings for the album and getting more live shows going for me.

M: Who do you admire most in the world and why?
H: Musicians who have longevity in their careers that span decades, like Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, BB King, Paul McCartney, The [Rolling] Stones, Bob Dylan.

M: Whose concert was the first you ever attended?
H: The Who in 2004. It was right when I started playing guitar and Pete Townsend was mesmerizing.

M: What is the best advice you've ever heard or been given?
H: People are always going to tell you what you should be doing, but the more you know yourself, the more truthful your music will be.

Enjoy some retro Anderson work before heading to the links below.

And if you fancy a few moments (or a few hours) of good music to listen to, head over to Hamish's SoundCloud or website to keep updated and book tickets.