Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Vaudeville Smash // Laura

Vaudeville Smash's track Laura, the lead single from recently released album The Gift is a percussion heavy, pop/folk tune reminiscent of 80s classics such as Africa's Toto. With bursts of staccato flute and consistent percussive goodness throughout, this is an irresistible new track to completely sink your teeth into.

The track, released in early August, is accompanied by a dazzling music clip, starring dancer Shivawn Joubert as the "untamed man-eater" Laura. The clip continues on with its ode to the 80s dance scene, with Joubert perfectly cast as the sexy, powerful Laura. It's just so hard to take your eyes off her.

With The Gift an album showcasing two years of writing, recording and reworking, it's a twisting road of driving synth beats and slower tunes. Lead vocalist/flute/saxophone explains, "We wanted the album to be fun and exciting.  We wanted to take people on a journey from the frantic, pumping beat of Laura, to the slow jam of Driving Me Wild.  From heartfelt to silly!"


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