Wednesday, October 26, 2016

So Whatever || The Dead Love

A healthy serving of grunge, topped syrup-smooth vocals, The Dead Love are a group to make time for. This Sydney trio have enjoyed a blazing trail for their grungey punk sounds since the group's inception. There is no stopping this powerhouse of a group, but when the music is this good does anyone want to turn it down? No one's willing to leave this party any time soon.

The group's latest offering, the 11 track strong album 'So Whatever', opens with the continuous guitar riff of Frown. This isn't a track that's going to break any new group, but it's definitely one that people will want to download (hopefully legally). It's 3 minutes and thirty-six seconds of a group that clearly knows what they're doing and what they're capable of.

Summer is a full throttle ride of vocals and guitar, as it should be, but it's the drums that really steal the spotlight. A refreshing blend of laid-back guitar and vocal, is complemented by the drive of the stellar rhythm section in this track. It's a standout from the album.

The title track, So Whatever, continues the gritty road through The Dead Love's preferred home of grunge. Heavy on the guitar, heavy on the drums, heavy on everything really, this is a song that throws it all into the deep end and swims. There is nothing about this song that isn't absolutely warranted. Kudos.

'So Whatever' is an album that has a lot to live up to; after all, the group's debut album secured a #5 spot on the iTune's rock charts. But it was never an album content to stay in the shadows. Instead it launches itself into the world as it so deserves, with no apologies just seriously good music.

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