Monday, August 29, 2016

Meet MANE || Artist Bio

"It's often easier to talk as MANE."

Paige Renee Court is the bushy haired girl who grew up with the nickname MANE and continued on with it once she launched herself into the music industry. "I thought that'd be cool! It's something a bit personal." And she isn't afraid to admit that the detachment of not being called by her full name makes it easier to share her music with the masses.

And this is a girl who isn't afraid to share some seriously ace music. "I'm so ready to share," the artist admitted in the lead up to her debut EP launch, House of Horrors. "I've been sitting on this [music] for about a year. It's different music [for me]." But despite the worries, the launch was a huge success. MANE really had nothing to worry about, and it's to imagine anyone with a voice like hers worrying about the reaction to her music. We're all human, and that's perhaps what makes MANE such a charismatic artist. She's up front about the nerves, the pressure, but also seriously talented.

The EP has a whole is about "life things". The song 'Bitter' is "a journey of life's hard to articulate. I wrote the whole thing literally crying". MANE explains, though, that this is exactly why writes music. "It's just easier to write and not talk. It's just a way of getting it off my chest." 

While she may be still a fresh face in the industry, MANE is already a force to be reckoned with. In a self-described "interesting industry", she's the breath of clean air that any true music lover is always looking for. With a story to tell, some serious music to share and a wish to see Paul Kelly perform live, MANE still has a lot to share with the world.