Friday, August 12, 2016

Laura Roy // Laura Roy

Canadian pop/R'n'B pocket rocket, Laura Roy is throwing out her latest EP of powerhouse vocals and easy vibes. The self titled collection are a bop of upbeats and positive lyrical reminders - seemingly from Roy to herself. The Nova Scotia dweller has had her fair share of experience with acclaimed producers and knows how to work magic into her music. It's her authenticity that really shines here, staying strong throughout but keeping up the beat is no mean feat. Laura Roy, though, has pulled it off with seeming ease. This is music that'll make you happy. Exactly how it should be.

Hey lovely! First off, congrats on the EP, how are you feeling knowing such you’ve created such a rad collection of songs?
Thank you!! That's so sweet. It feels great!  I am really proud of how the project turned out. I was very involved in the writing and producing process of it all so this EP is like my baby.

Do you have a favourite song off the EP? 
My favourite track always changes but I will say that I love "Full Moon". It was a closure song for me to write and meant a lot to me. I also just love the vibe of the track and really enjoy singing it.

You’ve dedicated a lot of time to this EP, how did you find the process?
It took a lot of patience but I think it needed to be that way for me, at least this time around to really get the music right.  I'm really proud of how everything turned out and I learned a lot throughout the process. I am just anxious to get the next project started!

You’ve worked with some big name producers and writers, has there been someone you particularly enjoyed collaborating with? 
My good friend Quake Matthews is one of my favourite artists and people. We've done a lot of music together and are both from the same place in Canada.

What draws you towards RnB? 
If this the music you grew up with or is it a more recent love? It's a bit of both. I was definitely influenced by r&b music growing up but as I grew older I really developed a strong love for r&b and soul music.

If you play this EP for anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?
Pharell. I think he is a musical/producing genius and I love how passionate and genuine he is. [I] would die to work with him or even have a conversation with him.