Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mini Reviews || First Year On Earth / St. Albion / Kacy Hill

Worn Road - First Year On Earth

Worn Road - pulled from the album of the same name - is another notch in the belt of this hardworking, genuine-music-making 4-piece, First Year On Earth. With eclectic backgrounds and a variety of musical talents, the group come together with this track (and the entirety of their sophomore record) to produce another feel good, carefully crafted jumble of songs that just seems to work.
With so many elements going into the music - indie, folk, Americana and the smallest slice of rock - it would've been easy to overcook and end up with a confused album that had no idea who it was or what it wanted to say. But FYOE have instead created a masterpiece. Easy to listen to, but not at all easy to forget, this album is the chicken soup of the music world and one that'll keep you company, well cared for and warm no matter what else is going on.

One Of A Kind - Feki x St. Albion

Ladies and gentlemen, he's done it again. St. Albion has teamed up with electronic artist Feki for some more chill beats and heaps of good vibes to match. This latest offering, One Of A Kind, is synth and rhythm heavy and honestly is there any other way to have it? With simple melodies accompanied by the serious prowess of that backing rhythm, this is a song that'll make you reach for your phone to check what's playing.
Just soft enough to entice those noncommittal to electronica, but with enough beat to lure EDM fans, this is a tune that speaks across genres and secures its rightful place on top of any playlist with ease. St. Albion is a name to be followed. Be ready for more.

Lion - Kacy Hill

Kacy Hill's Lion is a great roar of a song. With an easy sound and sharp lyrics, the tune is an unapologetic track, and rightfully so. A stripped down pop-esque feel, with a heart that beats extraordinarily loud, Lion will have you wishing your voice was as airy-yet-fierce as Hill's. And when she gets to that chorus..! Well, don't even get me started on that.
Seemingly drawing inspirations from Japanese influences, as well as more contemporary pop tunes, the track is a juxtaposition of genre but still manages to come out on top. Proving why the old saying is true, opposites attract with this one and, just between us, you should be very keen for more from this budding young songstress.