Monday, April 18, 2016

Auguste || Kingdom Release

As soon as I read the presser for these gals, I knew Adelaide-natives Auguste were something special. And luckily for me, and now you too!, it wasn't just a feeling; the girls have completely lived up to my (high) expectations. Their latest offering, Kingdom, is an electro-inspired self-confessed "call to arms" with the girls putting up their barriers against people who invade their worlds without a visitor's visa. 

"...It's really a bit of an 'eff off' to anyone who has ever tried to control you or tell you what to do," says vocalist and guitarist Skye of the latest tune.

And while the lyrics won't necessarily be as inspiring to everyone as they are to me, the effortless harmonies and entrancing synth will have you hooked from the very beginning. Kingdom is filled to the brim of all the sweet goodness of two best friends, and has the strength to match. This airy track is taking no prisoners and the girls say it like it is. It's the perfect song to cement them a place in the music scene. After all, it's where they truly belong.

With pieces of inspiration littered throughout the track from music powerhouses such as London Grammar, Auguste is a duo continuing to step into their own. Which, just between us, is a place that not too many can keep up with. Kingdom is a track to put on repeat, at least until we hear more from Auguste.