Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Stargazed Festival || Fierce Mild

"Stargazed is a collaboration of Music and Video Art that celebrates ideas of a darker and experimental nature.

If you're in Melbourne on April 9th, you'll probably hear some seriously talented up-and-coming musicians, DJs and video artists at a little festival called Stargazed. And, trust me, you should be right there with them. 

In only its second year, Stargazed is a celebration of the emerging artists in Melbourne. Those who challenge, push and completely break the boundaries. There are no rules, just some serious talent.

Headed by the more-genres-than-I-can-type-here band Fierce Mild, Stargazed is set to blow your socks off.

So for those who might not yet be familiar, introduce yourselves! What makes Fierce Mild the band it is?
There is a lot of talk about how sounds, images, lyrics can make you feel, what they evoke. Then [it's] figuring out how to represent that sonically. This results in some long instrumental, psychotic moments, songs not being so straight-forward and a large amount of dynamics. All of us have varied musically interests and backgrounds. For example my current enjoyment of steel string composer Robbie Basho, or music produced by Nujabes influences the way I play, and it's constantly evolving. This applies to the rest of the band, from Hip-Hop to Classical to Art-Rock we are all quite eclectic and have different tastes.

You've recently released a new track, Song He Never Wrote, why did this one get the gig of your latest single?
We wanted to show people the heavier, darker, more gritty side of our music. Unless you have seen us live you wouldn't know how dynamic the shows can be. Our last two releases Astro and Test You only revealed one side of the dynamic.

Do you ever look back at a song and hear things you wish you'd done differently? Do you listen to your own tracks?
There is a lot of critical listening; we usually wait awhile before releasing tracks, listening multiple times until we are happy with all details. In Song He Never Wrote's case, we scrapped the original incarnation of the song before recording. It sat on the shelf for months before we revisited it with a fresh approach, void of any attachment to the original composition. With that patience it helps us avoid regrets after [the] release. That being said, we are constantly trying to improve our sound, enhancing old songs as we continue to grow musically.

Stargazed is fast approaching, how do you prepare for an event like this?
We are rehearsing really hard, adding more elements and making sure everything blends nicely. We want to blow people away - for those who have seen multiple shows as well as newbies. We are also working with VJ [video jockey] artist Stephanie Peters who will be performing on multiple projection screens during the set. As curators, we also want to accommodate and support all the fantastic bands and artists, so strengthening our relationships is very important. We also have a cameo from legendary violinist, Nik Ranger of Dada Ono, who is also performing on the night.

Why is it so important to the band to host a festival for emerging artists such as this?
It's all part of being proactive in our community. We thought, instead of trying to get into established festivals, why not make our own? That way we showcase the awesome bands we play with and bring video artists into the spotlight - merging the two mediums in a way that will immerse the audience completely and also allow both mediums to inspire one another and grow together.

How do you feel this will contribute to the music and arts scene in Melbourne?
By blending both mediums we hope to engage the audience and give a fresh perspective on live performance and also of viewing art. We also get to develop closer connections between artists of different mediums which will hopefully be a catalyst for creativity into the future.

If you could entice people to the festival with only a sentence, what would it be?
$17 pre-sale tickets, with eight bands that's $2.13 per band, plus full scale, multi-channel projections by some of Melbourne's best emerging VJ's. Not only this, [but] it gets you into an after party with DJs and VJs too!

Stargazed || Fierce Mild