Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We're all in the same boat || Vanessa Forero

Music is one of my favourite art forms; with a seemingly endless supply of new talent, fresh faces and new ways to create sound, there really is nothing quite like it. And there's no one quite like Vanessa Forero. With an easy vibe and a passion for music that's spanned her entire life, this is a gal to keep a close eye on.

"I don't actually feel right saying it is a passion; it's just me!" Vanessa explains of her life long love affair with music. "I think if I wasn't earning a living from music already, I'd still be doing it. Career or not, it's as important as my own heartbeat." Learning the piano at the same time as she was learning to talk, Forero says, despite how "arty-farty" it sounds, music is intertwined with her as a person.

"Music is just my better way of staying alive!"

Vanessa, whose roots are firmly spread between Britain and Colombia, says her music takes its inspiration from the cultural experiences she's lived. And, although it is picked up on a lot, her being mix-race isn't something she intentionally wanted the focus to be on. Raised in Bradford, Yorkshire, where the folk music scene is hardly few and far between, Vanessa sites this section of her upbringing for comforting feel of her music. "The Colombian spirit is a very raw, feisty, fun, free-spirited, wild, fiesta thing - so when you put those together, I guess it sounds a bit like me!"

How do you know when an experience needs to be turned into a song?

"It's not so much a conscious decision as it is vomiting! If I feel something, I can't keep it in! I'm not great at talking my feelings out so when I pick up the guitar in the early hours, I know something is up.

With her EP, From The Uproar, not yet even a month old the talented songstress is already looking forward to showing off her stuff in a live setting. And "then a very cool new song". Vanessa is a musician that doesn't really care for playing the game, she's just putting out music that'll make people smile. Which really, is what it's all about.

"I really just set out to translate myself musically."