Friday, May 22, 2015

Evangeline || New Artist Interview

The Greek name Evangeline means to bring good news, and let me tell you, Evie's music is only good news. This nineteen-year-old has some seriously enviable vocal cords and the musical backing to match. And CHEMICVL is a standout debut single and I'm certain that you'll want more music from this girl too.

But before we can get our hands on whatever sensational piece of music this girl is blessing the world with, she's stopped by Love 'Em. So meet Evangeline, I'm sure she'll do a much better job of introducing herself than I can.

CHEMICVL is a strong debut track, was it what you wanted to kick-start your music?
Thank you! It was so important for me that CHEMICVL was my first contribution to the world of music. I wrote this song roughly a year ago, it was really written as a way to let go of a certain time in my past and I couldn't think of any way better to begin a journey and in another way end another period of time in my life. CHEMICVL has always been a song I have been completely possessive with; I hold such a personal attachment to it.

Electro-pop is such a fun genre, have you always been drawn to this side of music?
I have always enjoyed electro-pop but [I] never really imagined I would be writing and performing it! I had really seen myself as a rock musician because I had more influences coming from that genre. I think I am still experimenting and getting deeper into the genre the more I write.  

Speaking of, how early is 'this early on'? How long have you been working towards this debut?
[It's] still very early. I have been writing and performing music most of my life but it was last year when everything started moving along with more of a purpose. I think the pivotal moment was when I collaborated with Gavin Campbell on his dance track The Saboteurs.

I've been told that you like writing about things that matter - what matters to you?
A lot of my writing has been based on a few topics. I am not sure whether this was the music I was listening to that triggered my attachment to these topics or whether it was the mix of experiences I had personally been through. These experiences really revolve around depression/anxiety and drug use (other [peoples'] drug use that is; I don't use drugs). Music has, and always will be, my best way to vent these experiences, highlighting good and bad moments I have had. Every song is personal - I am yet to write a song based on a character.

Is there anything that you've wanted to write about but don't think it'd work as a song?
Well, I do feel passionate about tacos...Not sure if it would be a sassy track though.

You're a classically trained singer, how does this translate to the music you're working on currently?
I think that being a classically trained singer really translates more to some songs more than others. I think it's really cool being able to put it through my heavier electronic songs because it is quite a distinctive sound. It can give me more range and separate my tracks from other electro-pop sounds. It's fun being that little bit different from the stereotypical form.

Evie's Facebook || Triple J Jukebox
Single Released May 29