Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reuben Koops || Los Angeles Q&A

I am a firm lover of three things: music, Tasmania and travel. And this post has essence of all three.

I first listened to Reuben Koops after his audition for a popular Australian music reality show was passed amongst my friend group. Hailing from my own home state, it was an impressive feat, we thought, to be up in front of the nation.

Since then he's clearly had a lot on his plate and he's stopped by Love 'Em to fill us in!

The Telstra Road to Discovery is a prestigious competition to be finalised in. Why did you decide to enter this experience?
It was a bit of a no-brainer being such a great opportunity to learn from heaps of industry professionals and extend myself as an artist. [I] loved it.

What was it like as support act on the Two Strong Hearts Tour?
It was so great. Massive stages and massive crowds and supporting two huge artists who have had long successful careers.

Tell me, do support acts actually get to rub shoulders with the headline artists?
I maybe wouldn't say rub shoulders - haha. I definitely got to meet and chat with both of them, which was great!

You released your Slate EP in March, how do you feel dropping an EP compared to a single? Is there a difference?
With an EP, I get to offer more than one track. I this gives the listener a better insight and context to me as an artist; more so than if I was to release a single.

But really we've gotta talk about Los Angeles! How has this trip come to be?
We have been planning it for a while now. It has always been a dream of mine to work with David Ryan Harris so we made it happen and I'm just so stoked to be over here doing it!

What are you hoping to come away with from your time working with David Ryan Harris?
On top of a handful of newly recorded tracks, the experience of working with David and the band he has put together has been unimaginable. I'm hoping to come away with a great new release for my fans!

What are you going to be working on during your time in the US?
I'm working between a couple of different studios here in LA on my next release. Working with producer David Ryan Harris on the songs and spending time recording them in the studios.

Will there be some exciting new music after this trip?
For sure. Keep and eye out!

What else will you be getting up to in LA? Is there any sightseeing planned or just work?
Yeah, I had a little time to check out the LA sights but [I] am also checking out San Francisco and NYC while I'm here.

I know that you have a very beautiful wife, is she jetting off with you or are you bringing her home a little something?
She is here with me and we are having the best time!

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