Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Colour Code || Interview

After their last stop here at Love 'Em - in which they shared a hilarious Day in the Life - these four musos from the self-described "best city in the world" have been busily working on their follow-up single It's Up To Me and working on a potential music video.

But more importantly they've bought a Nutri-ninja. Which I had to google to find out what it actually was, but I kind of want one now. So with that being said, welcome back The Colour Code.

Hey, it's... Mike S. from The Colour Code.

We'd describe ourselves as... four happy-go-lucky guys from the best city in the world, just trying to make a splash in the enormous ocean that is the Melbourne music scene.

Our music is usually... big, full and crammed with hooks. Although sometimes we like to bring it down to flex our slow-jam muscle.

We wouldn't mind being compared to... whoever/whatever: from The Killers to Frank Ocean, or from Death Cab For Cutie to Hall & Oates. All of which we have actually been compared to!

Our new single is called It's Up To Me because... I think people forget how much 
influence they have on themselves, their partners, and their peers. Everyone. People give you a lot, and as a member

It's  the perfect follow up to Alibi because... it's more accessible. We've shown this song to many people of all ages and demographics. The beat is killer, the hook is contagious but not in a 'throwaway pop' sense, and it makes people at our live shows dance.

It's mainly about... the internal struggle between your selfless and selfish side.

Lyrically we're inspired by... the likes of Brandon Flowers, Andre 3000, Chris Cornell and John Mayer, as well as the lyrics on the latest Father John Misty record. Intense!

And musically... I can honestly say everything. Our drummer Dave has a hardcore background, our bassist Scott is [into] House, Ryan on guitar grew up listening to Jeff Buckley and I love a whole lot of R'n'B and Hip Hop.

We became a band when... we road tripped to Sydney. We spent 20 hours in a car together to play one show. We learnt a lot about each others' awkward sexual encounters, got super inebriated together, and played an amazing set to a venue full of strangers somewhere in-between.

Since then, we've... been writing some absolute gold and polishing our live set. Also, I bought a Nutri-ninja. It's fantastic!

We're currently working on... a potential music video and a live YouTube session.

By the end of the year, we're hoping that... we have an official EP released with our best music to date!

At a The Colour Code gig, you can expect... something you've never heard or seen at a live show before. Don't expect hipster beards, ironic trendiness or high-strapped Telecasters.

We'd love to headline... a tour. We'd love to have the fan base to warrant one. And we'd love to play with some killer Aussie bands that are down to earth and create good honest music.

The most thing about music is... remembering why you started it in the first place. Remembering that initial spark that gave you goose bumps and trying to keep that feeling alive.

The most important thing about our music is... that it's fresh, unique and that it's all ours!

One last note... give our single It's Up To Me a spin. It's just the tip of the iceberg...