Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Black Summer | Dream collaborations

Black Summer is the teenage powerhouse ready to take Australia's electronic music scene by storm. Finding his break with Triple J's Unearthed competition at just eleven, the now fourteen year old producer is continuing his rise with his latest track, Sadness, a collaboration with Chloe Campbell.

"[Sadness is] about two people not quite connecting - one of them is in love with the drama of the relationship, but they can't quite figure out how to make it work," he says of the tune.

Today, he's stopped by to share some of dream collaborations, but with a future as bright as Black Summer's, it's hard to believe they'll stay dreams for long.

Skrillex was one of the first electronic musicians I ever heard and pretty much got me into making music.  It would be really cool to work with him as I would learn a lot of new things and it would be a lot of fun too!  He has a unique sound and it would be a cool combination to work with him.

I would love to work with Flume not just because of his unique sound but also because I take a lot of inspiration from his tracks and he’s Australian too.  He sent me a video message a while ago and he gave me some really good tips on making new tracks. 

Misogi has a really chilled sound to his music and I love his beats.  His tracks are really high quality and easy to listen to.  He also produces for other artists so it would be really cool to get some tips because I’m still pretty new to the whole industry.

Getter’s music can either be really hard core and in your face or really chilled.  I reckon that he could be really flexible working on any track and not afraid to try things out of our usual genres.  He’s also worked with a lot of people that I like.

Florence and the Machine
I really like her voice and I have listened to her music for quite a while and my mums obsessed with her also.  I think the collaboration would work out really well and we would make something awesome!  She also has electronic elements in some of her songs too.