Friday, June 1, 2018

Jade Alice | Heartbreak Club

Jade Alice isn't the type of girl to sit around and wait for her life to work itself out. Having just finished up her time at the Victorian Academy of the Arts (VCA), this exuberant songstress from Melbourne is keeping the ball rolling with her newest track Heartbreak Club, released today. Written in her last year of uni, the track is an empowering vessel for the soft-hearted people of the world, of which Alice counts herself. She explains, with a contagious confidence that almost makes it hard to believe she feels this way, that she views herself as a sensitive, often shy person. The song is there to champion this, she goes on to explain.

"There's strength in being vulnerable...especially in music," Alice says. "There's comfort in knowing [there's] people like you."

While she writes about the feeling of vulnerability, there's a self-assured streak to Alice that she credits, almost entirely, to her time spent in musical theatre at high school. It was here that her love of performing was able to overcome her own stage fright and Alice could learn how to handle her nerves. Saying she no longer feels nervous when performing, Alice explains that by playing different characters in theatre she was able to fully find her own. 

Now, six months into her first year as a university graduate, Alice is back from a family trip to Europe. (Which she says featured a few family shows along the way; Alice's musical talents are clearly genetic.) "It was mostly a holiday, but we're all musical people so..." she says. 

Her family trip she chats easily about, the upcoming music video attached to Heartbreak Club she keeps her cards close to her chest. Sharing only that it was shot on location at her old high school and bushland surrounding her home, Alice teases that anyone wanting to view it can head along to her launch on June 24 at The Toff.

"I'm super excited for the concept", she says before the subject is changed.

"The plan is to release new tracks every couple of months," Alice says, the excitement evident in her voice. "We have a few singles lined up already."

The plan is to eventually release an album, but it's clear that Alice understands the business: she's busy building her fan base, putting out long plays isn't on her radar just yet. Talking to Alice, you get the sense she'd rather keep her dreams close to her chest, at least until she achieves them. (Although when pressed she attempts she'd love to write for Selena Gomez and fellow Aussie Troye Sivan.) Alice already has plans in motion to travel to the States and Canada, splitting her time between Vancouver and LA, with the knowledge a relocation is highly likely; she's quietly aware that there's only so far you can get in the Australian music scene.

"I'd almost have to," she says of a move internationally, "even if it was temporary."