Saturday, July 16, 2016

Archipelago Heart || Forest Falls

Love has always been a complicated thing. And usually music only lends itself to a few, 'safe' aspects of the journey. Forest Falls, though, are diving head first into modern love in all its forms. Which of course has already produced the stunning Archipelago Heart with more tracks to be released throughout 2016.

Turning the journey of love into a journey of music is possibility one of the most simple forms of genius I have seen for a long time. Quiet and unassuming, these tracks will wrap you in and hold you close. They're intimate, raw and 110% real; this is Forest Falls as you've never heard them before.

It’s been a while since you last stopped by Love ‘Em, what has Forest Falls been up to since this time last year?
Forest Falls had an amazing 2015. We supported Husky (Aus), Paper Lions (Canada), and had one of our best live experiences yet onstage at St Kilda Fest. But 2016 is a huge milestone for us. It’s the year of Modern Love, our collection of a brand set of releases which debut a big, bold, evolved sound and some newly embraced fundamental themes. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Your latest track Archipelago Heart has some serious beat to it, how long has this one been in the works?
You’re right - we are so pleased to be making the kind of music that we’d love to hear playing at a venue, as a punter. It’s so cathartic. The most beautiful thing about Arch is that it’s gone through a huge many evolutions. It started as a piano rendition in 2014 (watch the video here) and then evolved to an a capella, six part harmony version which we sang to sold out Hounds EP tour shows in Melbourne during 2015. We worked on single release version for months. One of the amazing things about having our own studio is that we can workshop songs over a long period of time and give the song the space it deserves to evolve.

How did you guys find the writing process for this one? Was it a challenging track to get down in music?
All songs from the Modern Love collection stem from the same theme, a theme which we’re so excited to be embracing as a band. This collection, which we’re releasing online throughout 2016, is about us - as a band - joining in the public conversation about a whole range of issues affecting contemporary society. Most importantly, modern love - in all it’s incredible nuance, variation and beauty. It wasn’t hard manifesting those thoughts and feelings into a musical form - when you’re honest with yourself, it just flows. It’s allowing yourself to flow that’s the hard part. Everything else follows on from there.

The music clip attached to the song is a pretty epic one, how did this all come together?
Archipelago Heart is about love of displaced people. The themes are complex: the ‘other’, outsiders, acceptance, love, fear, anxiety. From the get-go, the challenge was going to be meshing these ideas together. We are so lucky to have an incredible partnership with Quiet Giant, a Melbourne-based group of incredible talent. It was a true collaboration to put together this clip. They really delved into our want to get across this idea of the ‘overview effect’, the cognitive shift often reported by astronauts when viewing Earth from above and realising that we’re all one people, that we’re all in it together, that there is no other truth. There’s a celestial, almost immortal quality to the music too. It’s powerful and grounded, but spacey and ethereal at the same time. Some of the most beautiful space shots I’ve seen in my life can now be found in our clip for Archipelago Heart, and we couldn’t be more wrapt.

Archipelago Heart is the first in a series of works entitled ‘Modern Love’ can you explain this series to us all?
Released over the course of 2016, each song will represent a different kind of love that manifests in today’s world. The whole idea behind the Modern Love collection is to actively connect our band and our supporters to the conversations being had about acceptance, multiculturalism, and human rights. There is a huge focus on inviting our fans to become a part of the process, of the conversation. We’ve used the #doyoubelieveinmodernlove hashtag to great effect. We even held a public photoshoot for the Modern Love album artwork where we invited anyone and everyone to feature in our press shots for the collection - the portraits will be used throughout the year. It’s been a real joy to begin sharing the journey with everyone. Music-making is a massive outlet. And it can be a two-way street: artists and audience can join together to make incredible experiences.

And lastly, for any new fans out there, what song would you recommend we have a listen to?
There’s no doubt you should start with Archipelago Heart. The reasons are manifold: this is us. This is a real, honest, raw sound that we’ve been working to achieve for quite some time. And then after you’ve listened to that, watch the clip, watch the behind-the-scenes interviews and footage, because you’d start to see the beautiful common threads amongst our new work. We want you to come on the journey with us!

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