Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We're all only walking in Lost Woods

With a well-earned place in the Adelaide music scene already established, Lost Woods aren't the first to try their hand at a national audience. But, and it's a biggie, these guys have a killer track in Lost Woods as well as an equally enjoyable story of its creation. I wouldn't be doing the guys an justice by retelling it in my words, so read theirs below!

I have to start with the story about your latest track Vodka Ocean, can you share it with Love 'Em?
The story is a bit of a humorous that occurred at Splendour in the Grass 2013. I did the twenty-plus hour drive with my girlfriend from Adelaide to Byron Bay. I was mega ecstatic to see Frank Ocean close the festival. When the news broke on the first day that he was cancelling his performance I stared blankly at the ground for a long time. Following that, I drowned myself in vodka. Following that, I was taken to the medical tent for some serious medical attention (ie. giving me a foil blanket and water whilst rubbing my back and saying "you'll be okay mate; drink up"). Following that, my girlfriend dragged me to our tent where I threw up all over her rucksack and clothes leaving the rest of the tent vomit-free. She is still yet to fully forgive me and naturally a song was born.

You guys have been on the music scene for two years, what do you think is the most important thing for people to know about Aussie music at the moment?
Aussie music is getting a lot of attention globally at the moment, which is awesome! But thinking in more of a context of where we're at in the Adelaide music scene, there are so many great bands and musicians around that are worth checking out: Larsen, The Informers, SKIES, Jesse Davidson, Tyson Kraft, anything Louis Donnarumma’s in, Orelia, Auguste, Conchilia, Ollie English, Dan White to name a few. Adelaide has plenty of cool live music venues too! There’s some great vibes on weekends but it’d be great to see people coming out a bit more and soaking up some live awesomeness throughout the week… I have a lot of hopes for Adelaide’s live music culture… All the ingredients are there!

You guys are known for being seriously tight musically, where did you guys learn your craft?
All of the lads bar me (Pete the lead vocalist) studied Jazz at the Adelaide Conservatorium. It’s been amazing playing with all of them... Also, Tom and Sam Baird, our guitarists, are identical twins so one of them thinks of something and the other one plays it and vice versa.

When you started Lost Woods was there anything you guys wanted to achieve that you already have?
This question comes at a good time because the dream is always to be played on Triple J and Vodka Ocean was played for the first time last week! We’re stoked to have received a lot of airplay on community radio stations as well like Radio Adelaide and Three D. There are so many other milestones… like playing interstate and going on our first national tour. As cheesey as it sounds, just playing with mates is pretty darn ace too.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
The Guitarists do. They always take off their shoes to play. I curiously asked them why one day to which they responded with “We don’t want pissy pedals”. ie. They don’t want shoe piss from pub toilet floors getting onto their guitar pedals when they play. I’m also pretty fond of running off somewhere to warm up with some vocal scales… So essentially we are a bunch of nerds.

Describe the band in a sentence.
Lost Woods are a bunch of cockeyed optimists brimming with unbridled enthusiasm that have been mixed up in the high stakes game of world diplomacy and international intrigue.