Monday, March 28, 2016

No end in sight || Forever Ends Here

Fresh from finishing their acoustic Parks N Parties tour, which saw the guys of Forever Ends Here play a string of east coast shows. The boys also gave fans amble chance to say goodbye to bandmate, Jackson, with meet-and-greets throughout the tour.

The latest track, Chapters, continues to show off their new sound. Although the boys admit they were initially nervous to share the new "jumpy pop vibe", if the reaction to their Park N Parties tour is anything to go by, they have nothing to worry about.

Obviously you release music that you guys think is pretty ace (and I have to agree) but do you actually listen to your own tracks once they've been released?
We never used to, but I think we're all so happy with the new music we've recorded that we've all been caught out time to time. We mostly listen to it to come up with video clip ideas, live intros or anything else of the sorts - but if we didn't enjoy the music we're writing then there'd be no point releasing it, right?

Send Me Crazy was released to an extremely warm welcome, why was Chapters the perfect follow up?
I think Send Me Crazy was a bit of a bridging single for us. We didn't want to scare fans away with the jumpy pop vibe of Chapters, so we eased them into it. We were all a little nervous to hear what people thought of the new sound but the response has been overwhelming.

The Parks N Parties tour is well underway. How's the reception been to your acoustic sets?
They've exceeded our expectations by miles. Everyone seems to be having a great time. The fans love that they get to hang out in a much more casual environment, and we love getting to thank each and every one of them personally for their support. It's cool to play the new songs acoustically too for something a little different.

You've recently announced that Jackson is moving on from Forever Ends Here, what does this mean for the music here on in?
As sad as it is to see Jackson go, we can guarantee that we'll be continuing to release new music very shortly. We're in the process of locking in a new guitarist and already have music at the ready. We'll still be the same old FEH, just with a new friendly face to get used to.

Is there anything exciting coming up that you can give your fans a little sneak peek as of yet?
We've definitely got some exciting things up our sleeve but unfortunately we can't give away anything yet. You'll have to keep up to date with our social media to be the first to find out.

I also hear you've had a fair share of arguments about which One Direction member is the best. Care to share the winner of the argument?
I don't think we've ever come to an agreement. The conversation usually ends in Kane having a mental breakdown about Zayn leaving.