Friday, January 27, 2017

"Gin makes me tick." || Meet CLOVES

Hello, I’m Cloves and gin makes me tick. It's a solid introduction, straight to the point in a way that matches her music, even while seemingly opposing her girl-next-door-turned-rock-chick look. Barely in her twenties, this powerhouse from Melbourne has already paved herself a path to London, an EP and now the lead single from her upcoming album is here, with a class video in tow.

Explaining the latest track, Better Now, Cloves explains the tune as coming "from the breakdown of a long-term relationship and the internal dialogue of the time". In her typically blunt style, the singer is direct in her relationship to the song but says that music is also "up for the listeners' interpretation". It's this matter of fact style that sets her apart from everyone else, despite the common themes that run through her music - love, relationships and how people deal when these things fall apart. "I just try to write something that feels as genuine to me as possible," Cloves explains.

With the album in the pipelines for more than two years, Cloves is "very happy" to have a release date within the year. Citing it as her career high thus far, Cloves is the hardworking sweetheart that the music scene has been missing. And while she easily admits that the process of writing and recording her debut LP, Cloves is just as quick to remind everyone, if not just herself, that it's been a fulfilling journey, too.

And finally, hearing your track Don’t Forget About Me in the movie ‘Me Before You’ must’ve been quite something, is this something you’d be keen to do again?
Yes, I would love to write more for film soundtracks!

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