Monday, February 8, 2016

Amborella Review || Bernie

"Bernie has delivered a standard that seems hard to match, but if anyone can better it, it's herself." When I wrote my last review of Bernie's latest single, Angels and Demons, this was how I finished it up. Now that I've had a chance to listen to the record in its entirety I can tell you that I stand correct: Bernie continues to one up herself. Every single time.

Although only four songs strong, Bernie has released a standout EP with Amborella. An airy, folk-heavy offering that soothes rather than asks questions. Much like an easy-to-read book, you'd pull this out when you want something that will work for a lazy weekend afternoon. It'll make you want to keep listening but it isn't going to ask you any hard questions. Which with an album like this, is absolutely a good thing.

Bernie just pulls it out of the bag with this one. Think of her as the quiet girl in the back of the classroom who surprises everyone; you mightn't have been expecting it, but she isn't going to let you forget her - or her music - any time soon.