Thursday, November 1, 2018

Velvet Starlings | Sold Down the River

Velvet Starlings is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, mega-talented, fifteen-year-old Christian Gisborne. Filled with gritty, 60s inspired rock and blues Velvet Starlings have already begun demanding - and receiving - attention. Drawing huge inspiration from the original 'British Invasion', Velvet Starlings boasts some impressive tracks and their latest, Sold Down The River has kept the ball rolling.

Stopping by to introduce himself, Gisborne chats the best album ever released, LEGO sets and putting off chemistry homework.

Hey, my name is... Christian Gisborne of Velvet Starlings

I'd describe myself as... a 15-year-old singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, music producer, Beatles aficionado and avid builder of LEGO sets to keep a good life balance. You are never too old and it's a good contrast from non-stop rocking.

My music is... Blues and British based Indie Rock n Roll.

I write songs because... I write songs and play music as it's a form of therapy for me and let's me escape to somewhere I love to be. I like to just sit in my room or outside with an acoustic guitar and tune in to something out there and let the emotions, lyrics and melody pour out. I write about my life experiences and by song writing I get [to] go on melodic searches and analyse what's going around my head, get a sense [of] what I'm trying to say, then finally ring out that sponge onto a demo recording.

Sold Down The River is... a single on our debut EP which is lyrically one of our more thought-provoking tunes. It definitely shows my love for [John] Lennon and [Bob] Dylan as it's got a bit of poetic political commentary here and there. It began as an acoustic song that we then decided to add full band and production to it.

I'm most inspired... by my own real life experiences and people and anything cool from the 1960s. I'm currently working on a time machine so I can get back there soon. I just need one of those UK red phone boxes.

I know a song is ready for release... when I feel like the band has it down 100% live and I'm 70% happy with the way it sounds. Also [when] I can read the lyrics back as spoken verse and not feel like they a re-write. If the master sounds loud and proud.

A song I wish I'd written... It's a toss up between A Day In The Life by the Beatles and The Zombies' She's Not There. Both songs are just green light songwriting all the way through. They are songs that have it all: great melodies, a bit of danger in the lyrics, organs and Rhodes. A Day In The Life is just another Lennon masterpiece. These are perfect examples of timeless songwriting and why The British Invasion was so successful.

The best album... in my opinion is easy to pick. It's the Beatles' Sergeant Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band followed by Revolver or Magic Mystery Tour. Oops that's three, can't narrow it down to one.

If I could join any band... Depends, living of legends? Living would be Jack White's new band that he hasn't started or thought of yet. Come on, Jack! I've got some great tunes ready for the first jam. I am sure we can come up [with a] legendary band name, too. Legends, it would have to be either a fifth Beatle position, including songwriting and studio, or being Brian Jones replacement and touring with The Stones through all of their various states.

I could listen to anything by... The Beatles, The Kinks, The Animals, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Zombies, basically the whole British Invasion. Not at all forgetting Jack White, Simon & Garfunkel and The Doors. Can't forget the D, Tenacious D - first album mainly.

People should stick around... because the best is yet to come. The live show is getting to that point where you can just enjoy it and the new songs are ace. I think every songwriter says that about new songs though.

And finally... it's time for me to hit my chemistry homework that's due tomorrow. I will focus in with a psychedelic Beatles playlist I've made, so in go my headphones. Stay tuned for more Velvet Starlings music as there's plenty more of it coming soon.