Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ukiyo releases Fantasy EP

Young people get a bad wrap, whether it's for being too lazy, too entitled, and they definitely spend too much money on smashed avo on toast. But then you meet a young person and it's hard to hold that perception for long. Meet Ukiyo, a 21 year old who's bringing his insane amount of talent from Western Australia to the rest of the world. Now a popular name in the music scene following an appearance at the beloved Aussie festival "Groovin' the Moo" and having racked up an impressive set of Spotify streams, which are currently in excessive of 9.5 million. Ukiyo looks established, but the good news is really he's only just getting started.

Ukiyo explains his love of the electronic side of music production by saying, "instrumentals have a special place in my heart, definitely stemming from my love of soundtracks". His love of perfecting the background is obvious, with latest single Clicky offering up ethereal vocals layered over Flume-vibes and a confident hand. This is an artist who clearly knows what he wants.

"This EP and the Ukiyo project in general are both all about escapism. It's why I started making music in the first place at all," Ukiyo explains. "I'll never stop being amazed by the ability soundtracks have to take listeners to another world and it's my goal to create music that does that. My EP is called Fantasy because that's exactly what it is to me, when I close my eyes this is the music I hear."

Ukiyo is an artist to put on when you need a break, a calming backdrop or, if you're into it, an instrumental for an artsy Instagram video. The beauty of music like this is it's open for anyone; Ukiyo doesn't expect you to do anything but sit back and listen.

Stream single Clicky here.