Sunday, July 22, 2018

British India on touring and world domination

British India have stopped by to chat about all things world domination, jinxing bad shows, and heading to Tahiti. The band has recently wrapped an Aussie tour and taking over the site to chat about themselves. They really need no further introduction.

Thanks for taking time out from tour life to have a chat with me. How has the tour been treating you all so far?
My pleasure! Always nice to talk about oneself. The tour has been great thanks for asking. This is only the second run of shows we've done since Forgetting The Future came out last year and the tracks are a lot looser now. It's nice to be able to just roll onto stage and start flinging the songs out one after the other. Sort of like ninja stars but less horrifically violent!
What’s the reception to the live version of your new tracks been like?
Yeah great. The album before this one Nothing Touches Me was a bit of a chamber pop record, which meant when we toured it to big venues some of the songs were a bit strange to play live. Too many vocal parts! This album was meant to be played live and is a lot faster and I think that's what our audience really reacts strongly to.

When doing such a long run of shows, how do you make sure each gig feels fresh?
It's not difficult! Every show has it's own personality, even two shows at the same venue and the same setlist tend to feel different. We absorb our energy through the audience and usually just feel really honoured to be up there doing what we do. Plus there's usually four hundred things that go wrong so you're fighting against that as well!

Is there a venue on this tour that you’ve particularly enjoyed playing or are particularly looking forward to?
We really like playing at the Cambridge in Newcastle, we've never had a bad show there! I've gone and jinxed it now haven't I?

Forgetting the Future was released only a year after your fifth studio album, is this the pace you all are wanting to keep up regarding releasing new tracks?
Oh man that would be the best! We'd be on King Gizzard album numbers in no time! There's a real tension between wanting to put out lots of music and also getting them perfect. If writing was easier than it was we'd release two a year. Crazy to think that's what the Beatles did!

The album has been met with a whole stack of praise, does the band listen to the album once it’s released or is playing it live enough?
No, not at all. In the period between it being mixed and being released I listen to them over and over. Embarrassing amounts! But once it's out in the world it's like it becomes someone else property and I don't pick it up again.

Congratulations on your deal with AntiFragile, what doors do you see this opening?
World domination baby! No, I'm not sure. We're just flattered to be involved. Eagre to see where it takes us.

So many artists choose to move internationally to continue their music, is this something the band would consider?
That would be the dream! I've always loved Tahiti, not sure what the music scene is like but I'll look into it.

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