Monday, March 26, 2018

Percival Elliott - Betty | Single Review

Named for one of the duo's great grandfathers, Percival Elliott is an indie rock group hailing from England's southern coast. With influences such as Queen, Supertramp and The Beatles, Percival Elliott is good company and it's obvious in their music. The duo are gaining momentum in the mainstream media, garnering interest from publications including Clash and Huffington Post

Their latest track, Betty, is packed with infectious melody and dirty guitar, all while celebrating the unassuming simplicity that made the music of yesteryear so appealing. This isn't the music that will make young girls scream, but it's the track you'll always turn up when it comes on shuffle. The track is a strong statement for the group, leaving behind any of the insecurities found in previous single Forever. And it works: Percival Elliott isn't a group that can hide out in the shadows.

Of the tune's theme - the feeling of emptiness brought on by fame - band member Samuel Carter-Brazier says, "this track holds a black mirror to society and reflects on how we all dress ourselves up to the world and pretend to be okay when deep down we're not". While on the surface this mightn't appear like a song with a broad reach, the band's seamless lyrical ability and the stuck-in-your-head tune will draw listeners in. And no one's going to want to leave any time soon.