Friday, February 9, 2018

LA. Faithfull on dealing with anxiety

LA. Faithfull is the indie-pop goodness your life has been missing. This site doesn't usually feature too many first-person intros, but I'm going to make an exception here. People need music, she'll fill you in on that in just a moment, and people need music like LA's. Music with the wisdom of someone with shit to share, while the freshness of someone with so much left to learn.

This girl represents the time we're in right now, where purple hair and an incredible singing voice will catch your attention, but her articulate lyrics will hold onto it. She's someone who has stuff to say and someone who deserves to be heard.

As a site, giving platforms to upcoming artists is what I enjoy most. There is nothing quite like being blown away by young people, and LA. Faithfull is the perfect example.

As someone who has suffered from anxiety from when I was a teenager, there are a few things I’ve found help  - anyone who has suffered or is suffering it will know the noise in your mind sometimes makes it feel like your head will explode!

I’ve always found writing helps, its why I'm so drawn to music! For me songwriting gets the thought out of your head and you can stop thinking about it, even just for a minute. I think any form of writing is a release and a really great way for our minds to process a thought or feeling, so maybe keep a book where you just write these thought spirals down, or write a song like I do. I think its just important to get it out of your head somehow - writing always helps me!

Diet is a huge thing I notice too. I’m not a health freak or anything like that, but sometimes when my anxiety is at its peak I purposely cut out sugars and caffeine. I don't know if it’s just me, but if I am anxious and have a coffee, I just go into complete spiral mode and it’s awful! I always find when I cut them both out my anxiety gets so much better, and my friends notice it too!

I’m like a fish - I love the water and I’m totally not very competitive or sporty - I got all the music genes and not so much the sporting genes! But, people always say exercise is good for anxiety. Swimming suits me, because I find if I run I can still have those thoughts racing through my mind and it's not great for me – but swimming is amazing! Maybe it’s because you have to concentrate on not drowning. When swimming there are so many things to think about at once, and there’s no room in your mind for thought-spirals - I’m not sure why but it is one of the only times my mind is silent and it’s so peaceful and really cool! 

And then there’s singing. It is this incredible connection emotionally that just frees my mind from all anxiety - even as a teenager I remember being so anxious, but put me onstage and it was like I was free! There was silence in my head. I really recommend people get up and sing!