Friday, June 10, 2016

'This album is a monster' || TASTE

“I wrote [I Am God] based on a short story I'd written imagining life on Earth as The Sims game, played out by a not-so-benevolent God using events and disasters as ways of amusement.  He plays...we pay.”

Picture this: it's the 1970s and you're just about to hit the big time. America, sold out shows, headline tours. It's all in the bag. Done deal. Except, then it isn't. Mismanagement and family disputes brought the dreams of the then-fresh faced TASTE crashing down. But now, they're back and this time there's no way but up.

The 1970s were nearly TASTE's big time, why is 2016 your next shot at making it?
With Taste, Michael, Joey and I have known each other since high school. We were playing Festival Hall and touring Australia and the age of 16 and 17 but it sometimes feels like unfinished business. So we reformed in 2007 and released the + ROCK IS DEAD album which had some success here and overseas, but I always felt we weren't represented properly on that recording so this time we decided to do it ourselves and spent a year in the studio. This album is a monster. Big guitars, riffs, harmonies, brass and strings and a lot of heart!

For any doubters, why is progressive '70s rock still relevant today?
I've never really thought of ourselves as prog rock. I always think of bands like Yes and Pink Floyd when I hear that term. I think we are more music than most and we do put a lot of thoughts into our lyrics, but it's underlined by some pretty heavy noise.

You guys had some serious opportunities lined up before you disbanded, what stopped it from happening for you guys in the '70s?
Bad change of management. We were ready to sign to Sire Records in America and tour there but it all imploded just before it happened. I spent a day with Seymore Stein who was very excited about the band. After we broke up there were articles in Cashbox announcing our coming to America!

TASTE has been in the music business for over 40 years now, how has this extra experience helped you?
Really it's the chemistry between Joey, Michael and me that has warranted from that. We kinda know what each is thinking musically so that's something you can't learn. Also finding Damian Corniola on drums was a real blessing. We do tend to look at everything a little more deeply and seriously. We will have two hour discussions about the setlist! Everything is carefully planned without a need to rush.

And finally, what will TASTE be bringing to your new run of live shows?
We love to experiment and push the envelope. A usual 5 minute song like SANCTUARY can go for up to 10 minutes live. Songs in 13/8 or 5/4 over heavy riffs, operatic vocals and a rhythm section that'll slam your chest and forget the rest.