Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Figurehead || Wise Child

Sibling duo Wise Child offers up the very best mix of grungey vibes and electronica in their latest track Figurehead. The instrumental track is about "thinking big ideas" but leaves most of the interpretation to the listener. There are no lyrics to impose a message here, it's completely up to the person listening.

Combining two opposing genres, Figurehead is the perfect descriptor of the group - an unexpected genius.

It would be fair to say that a majority of people understand the meaning of a song through the lyrics, how do you attempt the same with an instrumental?
I think it entirely depends on how people interpret music in a general sense. We try and create a mood behind the music and just run with that, we love that instrumental music leaves the doors of interpretation wide open to a listener. It is more exciting in some ways. People can create their own meaning to the track based on whatever is going for them and it makes it more personal on some levels.

Your newest single, Figurehead, is a fusion of grunge-vibes and electronica, how did you discover these genres could work together so well?
We are two pretty different people but at the same time are similar in so many ways. When writing we both come up with very different ideas and look for the places where they can fit together.

Being a sister myself I have to ask, how does it work for Wise Child being a sibling duo?
Like any sibling relationship, it can be intense but at the end of the day we are mates more than anything so it's a productive base for creating music. Plus we can be totally honest with each other which is really important when putting your names to anything creative.

What comes next? Is there something new to look forward to?
We have a lot of new music we are recording, so just want to get it all out as soon as we can, finish an EP and hit the road with it!

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