Thursday, May 26, 2016

Empty Little Heart || Megan & The Achilles

Hey, we're... Megan & The Achilles.

We hail from... Oakey in South East Queensland.

We became a band because... we're all siblings and we've always loved playing music together.

We got our start in music by... playing a lot in our lounge room back when we probably didn't sound that great, and eventually getting better!

The best thing about being a family band is... it's easier to be on the same 'wavelength' when it comes to knowing should and shouldn't go into a song.

The worst is... we fight a lot!

The most unexpected is... when we manage to practice without fighting!

Our sound is... folk, indie, a bit of pop, a bit of rock, a bit of country.

We'd describe ourselves as... a little ol' family band from the country who loves getting people to boogie.

Empty Little Heart is a song that... is all about lies that we're fed as consumers (by media, etc.) that try to mould us into a box, and how those lies are unfulfilling. Pretty deep.

The most important thing when choosing our next single is... to really believe in the song.

The instrument we wished we had in our band but don't is... banjo. Or bass guitar.

You should watch out for... more music from us in the future!

Our music is important because... aside from being groovy, we also wrap a lot of deep, meaningful lyrics up in our songs, so there's sort of more layers than just the catchy, feel-good music.

One final note... [we] hope to see you at a gig sometime!