Thursday, January 28, 2016

On Every Planet || Little Earthquake

If you happened to have two brothers from Sydney who love indie pop and songs that bend our definition of genre, add in a producer who understood what they wanted to create, and you have Little Earthquake

The duo's latest track, Planets, is following in the tradition of being genre non-conforming. Instead Little Earthquake has offered up a feel good tune that bops its way through enough feels that it'll be welcome at any gathering. You aren't going to isolate many people with this song, but you sure as heck will get their toes tapping.

So I've got to ask about the name. How did Little Earthquake get christened?
It was actually as simple as someone on Facebook posting a status asking if everyone else felt the little earthquake and she wrote it just as 'little earthquake?' It just stuck with me instantly.

You've done a lot of touring over the last few years, what have you discovered makes the best show? Or does it depend on the audience?
It's all about the energy you put out. If you get bummed out about playing smaller shows, the audience knows you don't wanna be there so they don't really feel it and will either walk away or just talk to their friends [and] use their phone. If there [were] only two people in the room, you could still make them have the time of their life if you appreciate that they are there and want to be entertained. It's what it's all about really, isn't it?

What was the reception like for you guys when you were supporting Twenty One Pilots on their Aussie tour?
F*cking amazing! Josh and Tyler were the best dudes. [They were] super nice and their fans were just as welcoming! We made a lot of new friends on that tour.

You started back in the studio in October, when will we get to hear what you've been up to?
We are releasing the first single in late March and will have a tour to follow shortly after.

Can you give us any info about the upcoming album or is it still hush hush?
All I can say is that it's different to our EP but still [has] the same pop elements and positive lyrics! It's just a different sound. Mostly the production is very different.

And lastly, for any new ears out there, why should we have a listen to Little Earthquake?
That's always a [really] hard one to answer. I can't really give you a reason without sounding like an a**hole, haha, but if you check us out, I hope you become a fan. If it's not for you, then that's ok too. Music speaks to whom it needs to speak to.