Wednesday, January 20, 2016


"If you could make someone listen to one of your songs, which would it be?"

"Selfishly, it would probably be Innerbloom, just because it's the longest. We could lock them in a room with our music for nine minutes and make them listen to us."

RÜFÜS is one of the handful of groups that I had on my list of goal interviews. So when I got the opportunity to chat with lead singer and guitarist, Tyrone Lindqvist, I jumped at the chance. RÜFÜS has been winning awards for their music since the release of their debut full-length album, Atlas, in 2013 and making some killer tracks for even longer. In 2015, they walked away with their first ARIA gong for 'Best Dance Release' with You Were Right. Which, despite being friends with the category's other acts, Tyrone describes the trio as being "super, amazingly grateful" for. "It's lovely to get a nod from anyone".

Starting as three mates, singer/guitarist Tyrone, drummer James Hunt and keyboardist Jon George, who wanted to make music together, RÜFÜS (RÜFÜS DU SOL in America due to a name clash), the group is a bedroom band success story. "They're my best friends...we can communicate," says Tyrone. Although Tyrone admits that after wrapping Atlas the boys were definitely sick of each other, having such a close bond between the trio is why it all works. "You're literally living and breathing the same air," he explains.

Now, in the lead-up to the release of their third LP, Bloom, set to hit shelves on the 22nd of January, the lads are back to show off their prowess once again. "This time we gave ourselves the luxury of time writing [the album]," explains Tyrone. "It's not too rich to say [we wrote] twenty, thirty versions of some of the songs."

"We wrote some terrible songs; but we wrote some good ones, too."

And the first time they sat down to listen to the full Bloom album? "We listened to it together, actually. We were in America, driving between Detroit and Chicago. It was pouring snow outside. [We] just looked at each other and were like 'Fuck yeah!' It's that lame, but we were so proud," Tyrone admits.

Throughout the writing and recording process the band listens to each song over twenty times, but, Tyrone explains, "if you've listened to it that many times and still love the heart of the song, you know its a good one".

Bloom is on sale January 22nd

1. Brighter
2. Like An Animal
3. Say A Prayer For Me
4. You Were Right
5. Be With You
6. Daylight
7. Hypnotised
8. Tell Me
9.Until The Sun Needs To Rise
10. Lose My Head
11. Innerbloom