Wednesday, December 2, 2015

'Release Me' Colour Dazed || Single Premiere

Melbourne's latest post punk ensemble, Colour Dazed is sitting in the eye of the storm, ready and waiting for their world to blow up.

The band's new single Release Me, pulled from their upcoming EP Synesthesia Blues, is an old school quality of new fresh punky rock. With a sound that is familiar as it is unique, Colour Dazed are the fresh faces of a rocky, punk inspired genre that should be blasted from speakers far and wide.

The track, a recipe of heavy drums, strong bass, driving guitar and subtle vocals all stirred together is two minutes and nineteen seconds of musical artistry. This is a track for anyone that truly appreciates music made in its rawest form. Just three blokes making tunes people want to listen to.

With summer here (although very reluctantly down in Tassie), I'm always after tunes that go hand-in-hand with an arvo out in the sun. And I've definitely found a new one to add to my list. With the balance fine tuned, you'd be forgiven for thinking this trio had been releasing tunes for years. They may be newcomers but their music is timeless, honest post punk.

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