Friday, December 18, 2015

Go Van Go / Kill Dirty Youth || Double Review

With a slow, drawling style of rock, Kill Dirty Youth certainly know how to cover their bases.

Not ones to shy away from a heavy bass line either, their latest tracks Slowdive and Lexipro are as similar as they are different. Slowdive stays solid throughout; Lexipro winds up and down, with the driving riff lines are repetitive slap in the face. 

Honestly though, I feel like rock, especially this more subtle version, is universal. I am yet to play these tracks to anyone who truly dislikes them. Which is, in my mind at least, one of the greatest compliments I can give.

The Melbourne-based alt-rockers, Kill Dirty Youth are exactly what the name suggests: dirty, gritty and refreshing. There is no hiding from rock like this.

Hailing from Brisbane, Go Van Go are fully committed to surfing the wave of rock.

I'm Lost, But Well Travelled may sound like a slightly cheesy tourism ad, but it is instead a pleasant surprise of hard hitting garage rock. Going heavy on the drums, guitar, and, well, pretty much everything really, the guys of Go Van Go are proving that they produce great music, cooked up their way.

There is no mistaking this as anything but Go Van Go, which is a true talent. Although I admire musical experimentation, it's often stronger to stick to your roots. They are, after all, why you are where you're at.

This isn't the type of music you'd have to pretend to like if it came on in a friend's car. It's just honest, rocky goodness. Thank you very much lads.