Tuesday, December 22, 2015

'Couldn't Care Less' Video Review || Teischa

"Couldn't Care Less is an honest and personal piece of songwriting that portrays a fuse of pop, soul, R'n'B and electronic genres. It's what I think is my best work yet and I'm very proud of how it's come together." [Check out my artist interview here.]

The last time I featured this talented 18-year-old, Couldn't Care Less was Teischa's newest offering that I just couldn't stop listening to. And really, not much has changed since those few months ago. Her voice is still spell-binding, skin tingling, goosebump producing goodness and I'm still just as in awe of her musicality. And our close ages only heightens my love for her music; after all, there's nothing like a fellow teenager who is out there killing it!

Teischa has since released her accompanying video, shot live at The Base in South Melbourne, which is just as beautiful as the track itself. There is something really special about live performances. Music is such a digital thing nowadays that seeing someone live, even if it's recorded and posted back out onto the internet, that I personally love.

And seriously, this is a beautiful ode to a song as powerful as Couldn't Care Less. Perfectly capturing the mix of raw power and softness, this is a video I could nearly watch even without the song. (Not that I would want to, really.) And I really want to head along to a show sometime soon, so I think it's definitely done its job.