Friday, January 23, 2015

Shelfies // Clothes To Smile At


Created to "break the mold of typical fashion trends and rules", Shelfies is the loudest, raddest and quirkiest clothing line you'll come across. Hailing from Toronto, Canada and founded in late 2013, this creative brand has gone from strength to strength.

I'm not typically shy with my clothing choices, so Shelfies is a fantastic fit for me! As soon as I ordered my pieces off the Shelfies website I was impatiently waiting for everything to arrive - and it hadn't even been shipped yet. A lot of the items for order are ready for immediate shipment, but some are custom printed or made-to-order, so be patient: the wait is certainly worth it. 

The hardest part about shopping at Shelfies is, without a doubt, deciding what to actually buy! Personally I loved almost every piece, so picking just a few was hard. I definitely wished I could've bought one of nearly everything they sold, but I will say that Shelfies isn't exactly cheap. But the quality and, of course, the designs are completely worth it. I would definitely recommend saving up - you won't regret it! [Thanks to Shelfies for the discount also!]
Emoji Madness Tank

The first piece I picked was the Emoji Madness Tank; I'd already had my eye on it, before I even ordered. I know that this top isn't for a lot of people, but I personally this tank. The cut was perfect for me, there really wasn't anything I didn't like about the top. I also found this an easy piece to style - because it's such a lively print, I love teaming it with plain, block coloured skirts or jeans. 

Trippin' Kitty Kat Loose Tank
My favourite of my order is this gorgeous Trippin' Kitty Kat Loose Tank. Loose tanks are quite popular at the moment but this one has the incredible design and detail to set it completely apart from everything else. All of the clothing from Shelfies is incredibly comfortable and the loose fit of this piece makes a perfect choice for summer. It also would make a pop of colour during the colder months.

I'm a cat person, so bonus points for that!

Ocean Wave Sweater

The Ocean Wave Sweater is seriously cool. I originally was going to buy a different design but I'm so glad I ended up with this! I ordered it several sizes too big, which makes it even more comfortable - I'm hanging out for some chillier weather now, I haven't been able to wear it for long periods of time just yet. But I can guarantee that this classic cut sweater will win you over. If you aren't afraid of making a statement, especially in colder, bleaker months, then I would 110% recommend a Shelfies' sweater.

Clothes don't have to be boring. And Shelfies has certainly got you covered.