Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tanee Clothing // Modella Clothing

I am so stoked to review for Modella Clothing! From the very first email, phone call and now to this post, working with Krys and the brand has been so wonderful.

I thought this was such a lovely touch.
One of my favourite things about online shopping is the beautifully presented products; despite a most likely bumpy trip through the post, clothes always seem to arrive less crumpled then when a shop assistant puts them in a bag at the store. I don't know why that is, but Modella definitely didn't let me down. In fact, my expectations of online stores has only increased. I felt like I'd been given a birthday present! Which I kind of did; every purchase from Modella comes with a little surprise gift.

Although the clothes I was sent actually could've been worn as a set, they just wouldn't work on me. The top wasn't the best cut for my body type, so with the shorts, while it wasn't a terrible outfit by any means, wasn't something I was completely comfortable in or would actually wear. So, because who wants to see someone in a sort-of-okay outfit, I matched the top and shorts with clothes that I already owned. It worked SO much better this way and I actually ended up loving both pieces. (Despite a rocky start.)

Black 'Zippy' Shorts - Tanee Clothing
Butterfly Braid Top - Tanee Clothing

As I said, this Butterfly Braid top and I got off to a dysfunctional start. But I honestly think it was just the cut wasn't as flattering as it could have been when I first tried it on. The material didn't have any give in it, so a top that would be long enough on my torso and fitted absolute around my chest probably wouldn't have been something I could find. Nevertheless, once I paired it with this high-waisted skirt and tucked the front half in, I started to soften towards it.
I would definitely wear this out, tucked in but if you have a non-curvy body type it would look just as nice loose. It's unusual to have clothing made of such stiff material (but soft!) nowadays, so having the right size and fit in a garment like this is super important. I'm kind of disappointed that I couldn't pair this top with the shorts but I think it ended up even cuter with a flowy skirt.

The shorts I honestly have no bad words about at all. Unlike the top, I loved them as soon as I saw them. Super soft and comfortable, these shorts are the perfect mix of I-didn't-want-to-try-but-I-needed-to-look-good. The best of both worlds really. I wore these to a dance rehearsal and they were so easy to move in and I got so many kind words about them! I love the half-zips on the back pockets and the lining meant that I could even wear them comfortably in a Tasmanian Spring! I've been recommending these shorts to so many people, I'll be wearing them a lot this Summer.

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Big thanks to MODELLA CLOTHING for working with me. MAKE SURE TO HAVE A BROWSE HERE:

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