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Holly Hastings // Love Holly

In a world of mass-produced, sweat shop sourced clothing, it's people like Holly Hastings that really shine.

Since 2013, Love Holly has been selling British designed, British made clothes to the world. Love Holly is all about casual but class, the less effort the better. A mix of Britain and the Californian sunshine vibes, this online boutique aims to offer amazing products made to premium quality. All whilst ensuring its workers are paid fairly and treated just the same.

Holly Hastings
Not everyone can pull off something like this, but Holly isn't just the namesake, she's the driving force and is going from strength to strength.

Love Holly is the whole package - clothes, lifestyle and attitude.

Mahalia: For those new to Love Holly, can you give us a little sneak into how your boutique was born?
Holly: I wanted to create an online boutique encapsulating an affordable and easy-going collection with an element of subtle luxury - using British labour, materials and values. So every Love Holly piece has been hand-made in different towns and cities all over England. The website and all of the packaging have also been sourced and manufactured in Britain. When setting out to create Love Holly, I wanted to take pride in valuing ethical production, fair wages, decent working conditions and positive environmental impacts. Having a 'Made in Britain' business is so important to me as I know that everything is made fairly and by manufacturing in the UK, I know I'm helping the British economy back to growth.

M: What is your personal favourite season to dress for?
H: The Love Holly collection is so trans-seasonal and I live in off-duty pieces - jeans and tees or dresses and wedge trainers and layers of dainty jewellery. I guess Autumn/Winter is my favourite season to dress for. I love crisp mornings and I'm a huge fan of layering and faux-fur, which is kind of awkward to pull off in the warmer summer months.

M: What is the most loved item in your wardrobe?
H: I live in my black Mia tee dress! It's so versatile that I can wear it during the day, dress it up at night and it's also a perfect holiday throw on too.
Mia Tee Dress in balck

M: Obviously you are British yourself, but what is it about the style of Britain that inspires you?
H:  I love an effortless, cool style and always feel great in just black, grey and white. My mum definitely influenced my style growing up, investing in timeless pieces that look amazing forever, but I'm also inspired by girls all over the world. I adore the contrast between European chic and the slouchy Californian lifestyle, and always end up with one basic piece in my outfit no matter the time or occasion. For me, it's all about essentials, muted tones and textures and then accessorising to change up a look. I like to feel comfortable and look good, but not spend ages doing it.

M: Since the start of Love Holly how has it expanded? What's changed?
H: Since I launched Love Holly in 2013, a lot has changed. I'm in the process of creating a new covetable collection to be launched next year - think animal print, classic two-pieces, clutch bags and metallics...But all will be revealed. Stay tuned!

M: Which item do you think every girl should have in her wardrobe?
H: A great fitting tee - I think that's essential for both girls and guys!

M: If you could style anyone in the world, who would it be and what would they wear?
H: I adore the Olsen twins and Nicole Richie - they have a great look and a real edge. I think they would look great in a Lottie long cardi with the faux-fur collar and layers of dainty jewellery.
Stacker rings

M: Does Love Holly have anything it lives by? A motto or saying perhaps.
H: Love Holly is THE online destination for simple, stylish and utterly effortless pieces. The collection is easy and laid back for an everyday 'off-duty' look. Luxurious jersey basics and dainty jewellery, designed and made in Britain, with exclusive vintage pieces sourced from around the world delivered to your door.

Don't forget to use the code LOVEHOLLY1 to get 10% your first order!

If you love Holly as I much I do, make sure to check out the site! Click here:

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